Project Details


Headquarter – Montebelluna (Treviso)
Services: electrical, mechanical and special plants
Amount of work: € 6.133.482,44


The new headquarter of Veneto Banca is about 17.000 sqm with a main building of 4 floors of 2.100sqm each , a semi-circular auditorium of 350 seats , a service area of 1.000 sqm and CED build of 3.500sqm.
The plants, designed by TIFS in Padova, are very particular, including building automation, lighting, full control checking and many other facilities. Air-conditioning and its managing include 3 power settings coolers applying a geothermal system of 110m of depth.
This project needed over 26 months of work and over 40 full-time workers.

Numbers Of  The Project

– 16 air managing centers
– 3 coolers of 358 KWf
– 300 fan coils, 60.000kg each of steel, 10.000 kg of galvanized steel pipelines
– Over 6.000mt of cable trays and 7.000mt outdoor lines
– LAN system with over 3.000 RJ45 outlet, over 300km of AWG 24 cat. 7 SFTP, cables and a 400 fiber optics network
– Over 300 anti-theft sensors
– 50 cameras with 9 monitors and 4 recorders
– Over 80 speakers
– 1.000 chech-points for the systems
– 30 fire-alarm systems with 600 show- points

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