Project Details

Tower center – Rijeka (Croatia)
 electrical, mechanical and special plants
Year: 2005-2006
Amount of work: 14.130.000,00 euro


Policentro S.P.A. made Sice sign a full contractor for this plan..
“Tower Center“ was the new trade center in Rijeka (HR), a building area over
the town and islands of Kirk and Cres.
Since 1994 SICE has been a friendly partner of Policentro, and this
relationship has been leading to a lot of cooperations together.
– La Grande Mela in Sona (VR);
> Torri d’Europa in Trieste (TS);
> Piazzagrande in Piove di Sacco (PD);
> Piazza Umbra in Trevi (PG).

Numbers Of  The Project

– Approximately 100 millions euros of total investment
– More than 140.000sqm of covered areas, a 1700 seats multiplex cinema, A game- area, a fitness center and a 10.000sqm superstore
– 1877 parking lots
– More than 180 shops
– 70 workers
– Over 11MVA of total electrical power
– Approximately 1,7MVA of electro diesel power’s backup
– More than 350,000 kg of ducting
– More than 50,000 kg of hydraulic piping for air conditioning systems
– More than 250,000 kg of piping for the fire protection system
– CCTV, anti-theft, audio, fire alarm

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