Project Details

Trading Center Ariccia (Rome)

Services: electrical, mechanical and special plants
Year: 2006
Amount of work: 2.940.000,00 euro


Building this trade center was a very important step and a real challenge for the required effort.
SICE was chosen by PAM as its partner, given its quality and capabilities.
The internal planning division was only one of the branch who supported engineers where Sice had to find the best solution. It was an essential stage in order to integrate an overview on the whole process.

Numbers Of The Project

– Approximately 25.000.000 euro of global investment
– Approximately 3.000.000 euro of plants investment
– 40 workers submitted
– 13.000m of covered areas, 6.000m of sales room, 1.000m processing room, 1.500m of shops, 1.000m for offices, 2.000 of technical rooms, 1.500 for docks and 30.000m for parking
– 2,5 MVA of total power
– 800 kVa of backup power
– 15 electrical panels
– 15.000m of cable trays
– LAN system with 8 rack, 500 plugs for cat.5e and 100 for fiber optic lines
– 300 optical, thermal and linear fire alarm points
– 200 points for anti-theft system
– 600 points for building management
– About 40.000kg of air-trays
– About 15.000kg of hydraulic circuit (air-treatment)
– About 20.000kg of trays for sprinkler system (1.200 points)

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