SICE srl, which cares about its customers, has got ISO 9001 certification. This  target is only the beginning of its quality process, as its  manpower is  costantly updated and attends  special courses and  tests.
Its achievement is satisfying its customer’s needs. Today, the company owns:
 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 EA 28b certification for design, anstallation and maintenance of Electrical Installations, HVAC,  Conditioning and Photovoltaic  Certification in  Compliance with   Presidential Decree n. 43/2012 implementation of Regulation (EC) no. 842/2006,  to Regulation (EC) no. 303/2008 Technical Regulation and Accreditation RT-29  rev. 02 regarding installation of refrigeration, Air Conditioning and  Heat pumps equipment containing Greenhouse Effect F-Gas (F-GAS sec. G.U. n. 93 of  20 April 2012).


This certification underlines Sice’s effort in public works, customer care and expertise, delivering its orders in due time.
Sice is certified for general construction (OG1), systems of power generation (OG9),  public lighting (OG10) plants (OG11) up to 6th class (over  10.000.000 €) and specialized in hydraulic plants (OS3), air treatment (OS28)  and electrical plants (OS30) up to  5th class (5.165.000 €).

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