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Founded in 1969, Sice was born from the desire of a group of Venetian  entrepreneurs to realize a new reality based on the North-East way of  producing, which could become a leader of design and installation of electrical  equipment, first at  regional and then at domestic level.

In the last 20 years, Sice has been able to get  nationally and internationally known and  respected in its field, both in public and private sectors, being in charge of  hospitals, banks’ headquarters, shopping-centers in  Italy, Algeria, Saudi  Arabia, Turkey and Croatia. It has developed a special department to project and place thermohydraulic, fireproof and air-conditioning mechanical plants and the project unit, enhancing itself in the market as one of the first  professional skilled companies to give its customer a full service.

In the last ten years,  Sice has increased its  business up to 10 mln €, getting its two electrical and mechanical systems departments to be almost equally developed. It is nowadays a leader in its field.

Sice is both UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and SOA certified for the following categories: OG1,  OG10, OG11, OS3, OS30, OS28 e OG9, up to  VI° level. (30 mln).




Eng. Vito Villari, President



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